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A Death In Paradise Book Bargain

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hc4361 | 16:26 Tue 06th Jan 2015 | Arts & Literature
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If you enjoy Death in Paradise on tv you may be interested to know the creator of the series has written a novel featuring Richard Poole. It is a brand new story set between series one and two.

A Meditation on Murder by Robert Thorogood.

I have just bought the ebook from Waterstones for £1.99. It is £4.79 from Amazon or £9 in hardback.


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Ooh, cheers for that hc, I do enjoy the programme but really miss Ben Miller as Richard, Kris Marshall's good but I prefer Ben Miller.
cheers for this

i like kris marshall bumbling detective bit i did prefer ben miller, i wanted to see whether the relationship would progress between him and camille
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This book is written by the creator of the series and he says Richard Poole is his favourite character. I'm hoping there will be more novels to come.

I'm very glad Kris Marshall's character is so different from Miller's yet still manages to be a round peg in a square hole, or fish out of water. I fear Fidel is leaving the show, too and a woman officer takes his place.
Nooooo, I hate too much change.

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A Death In Paradise Book Bargain

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