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How Much Can A Crown Be Worth, When A Crow Can Dine Upon A King?

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tien238lnd | 05:23 Thu 22nd Jun 2017 | Arts & Literature
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What does this quote mean?


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Basically it means that it matters not how high and mighty you are, you are still human, and crows can pick over your bones, just the same as anyone else's.
That's the way I look at life Boaty / Tien, people who think they are better than the rest are sad people.
The only way to get by TWR.
George R.R. Martin, "A Feast for Crows"

As to what it means.....I haven't a clue !
crows only dine on dead kings, though (and very seldom do that, I would have thought, kings usually get properly buried). So it says we're all equal in death, which isn't really saying much that's new.
I'm not sad I'm just better than other people.

I agree with Boaty.
Crowns are for the living, being bird fodder is for the dead. Not the best thought out quote. To answer the quote, it is worth a kingdom if one plays one's cards right. But it doesn't make anyone immortal, save maybe the memory of them.
very true, OG, everyone remembers Ozymandias even though the poet was suggesting just the opposite.
Same sentiment as "At the end of the game the king and pawn go back in the same box".

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How Much Can A Crown Be Worth, When A Crow Can Dine Upon A King?

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