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The New Jack Reacher

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andy-hughes | 00:53 Sat 11th Nov 2023 | Arts & Literature
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Every year for the last eight or nine years, I have received the new Jack Reacher novel as a present, they come out this time every year.

I have just started reading it, and already feel short-changed - the book had about a hundred pages less than standard, and the print is twice the usual size.

I know Lee Child is handing over the series to his brother, I hope this is not a sign of things to come.



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I've never read any of the book but the reviews seem to suggest that it's worth persevering with it anyway:

Those books are too formulaic. Read two or three and you've read them all. Lee Child indulges in nepotism hoping his brother can glean further income. Unfortunately it's a worn out franchise.

the print is twice the usual size

perhaps he knows his readership is ageing!

I agree, Andy. My dad loves the Jack Reacher books. I gave him the latest at Cmas last year, but he was very underwhelmed by his/their latest offering

I got fed up of Jack some years ago

Yes I agree that the books are now struggling, However has anyone watched the series 'Reacher' on amazon prime? series 2 due in a month or so, 

I must admit I stopped reading the new ones a couple of years ago. Another negative point was when he sold the  film rights to tiddly Tom, I find it hard to forgive that decision which I can only conclude was for filthy lucre.

The Amazon version was much better, we will have to wait a while as we dont have Prime

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I have finished the novel now.

Deeply disappointed. 

Reacher was no more than a minor character, the plot would have lost nothing if he wasn't in it at all.

If this is how things are going, don't advertise them as 'Reacher' stories if he is a barely noticeable bit-part character, you are letting fans down with this sort of stuff.

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The New Jack Reacher

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