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Are You Checking Carefully The Book Titles ...

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ladybirder | 17:23 Thu 18th Jan 2024 | Arts & Literature
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before you throw the books away?

Have you got any of these?

Do let us know if you have:-)



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I've got a Terry Pratchett that is selling for £175 on Amazon.

Mine's not for sale!

I'm furious!  I gave an, admittedly dog-eared, copy of Harry Potter 1st paperback edition to a charity which homed lost dogs in France just before I moved back to UK!!!!

no, just an old Shakespeare First Folio, all that nonsense about Scottish kings hacking each other to death and kids having it off in Italy; I gave it away to the charity shop. 📖

As a volunteer in a charity shop I might just go through our books looking for a book worth £££££.

Part of my job is valuing books donated to us.  Initially I thought that old meant valuable.  If only it was that simple!!

Tomorrow morning I will be putting old postcards online to sell.  Most are worth pennies but some are worth a few pounds.  I will also be eating biscuits from the biscuit box and ranting about politics and war.




might have been your shop I gave it to, wolf 💰💰💰

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Are You Checking Carefully The Book Titles ...

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