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Name the blowing Cherub/Angel/God

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format | 14:40 Fri 30th May 2008 | Arts & Literature
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Hi there, I've being trying in vain to find images of cherub/angel/god type figures which are commonly seen on maps blowing wind from their mouths.

Do they have a name I could use to search for them, or does anyone have any useful links which show these little blighters?

I'm putting together some artwork which really wouldn't be complete without these blowing figureheads.

Many thanks


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They are cherubs which represent the four classical winds...Boreas, Eurus, Notus and Zephyrus...north, east, south and west respectively. Perhaps Googling cherub + these names will produce the goods for you.
Actually, on further consideration, the gentle west wind was a cherub, but the others may have been represented differently. I suspect the cold, harsh north wind, for example, was more often a miserable-looking old man!
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Many thanks for your help!

Yes, I've just found a few old miserable looking men on google, but they aren't blowing out wind which is the ideal solution, I don't mind if they are old though!

Thanks again.
if you want miserable old men blowing wind, you may have come to the right website!

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Name the blowing Cherub/Angel/God

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