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Curly hair problem?

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dippy_dumbo | 16:26 Sun 14th Jan 2007 | Beauty
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I've got really naturally curly hair. I wash my hair at night but let it dry before I go to bed. I sleep on the same side of my head at night, and when I wake up in the morning, the hair on the side of my head which I've been sleeping on is virtually straight, while the other side is really curly. Obviously I can't change my sleeping patterns by sleeping on alternative sides, so I was wondering if anyone knows anything to do to stop my hair going straight?

Thanks in advance x


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dippy - It may be a passion killer, but try putting on an old fashioned hairnet on at bedtime. Maybe a large pair of tights on your head will do the same job! lol - just picturing the scene!! Give it a try, don't garrott yourself, make sure the legs are tied on top away from your neck :0)
i have really curly hair and i used to have the same problem but now i wash my hair in the mornings and because its natrurally curly it doesnt need drying so it doest take me that long at all. saying that i do run a diffuser through y hair to make sure its not dripping wet. hope this helps xxx
My hair is the same, a wash only lasts until I sleep on it so i wash it in the morning.

Other than that, try spraying some water on it and scrunching it up the next morning
oh rose, you really shouldnt post questions on here for very shy curly haired ppl such as ellie! tell her to worry about not being able to post her own comments before she asks about hair! lol im only joking els, love you! and you of course rose!
i think spraying water on in the morning sounds are good idea! just mind your straight fringe!
shouldnt wash your hair so often..iv got the curlyest hair in the world i wash and brush it once a week and just throw it in a pony or bun for bed xx

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Curly hair problem?

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