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pain 'down below'

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lotsafun | 10:03 Sat 28th May 2011 | Health & Fitness
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My partner is 39 and has had pain in his perenium area for nearly 2 years now, he checks his testicles on a regular basis and has found no lumps but given that the pain has been ongoing for so long now we are both concerned. He has been to the doctors several times about this and each time he has gone they haven't examined him whatsoever and fobbed him off with a groin strain despite him saying its not his groin that's hurting, and have sent him on his way with diflofenics, which don't even touch him. He has seen a different doctor twice now and the first time he said the same as all the other doctors but told him to come back in a month if there's no difference and he'll then examine him properly. He did that last week, the doctor started feeling, and pulling his legs etc and then came to the conclusion that its not a groin strain but says he's at a loss to what it could be, and sends him on his way with co-codomaol. I cant help but feel that given this has gone on for so long now that shouldnt they look into it a bit more? I cant help but get a nagging feeling that it could be more and they should at least check his prostate or even refer him for further tests, do you think this is unreasonable? Its really affecting both of our lives, he's in pain constantly and is popping pills like no tomorrow, surely this isnt good for him. Any advice would be great, especially from you squad if you out there. Thanks


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Firstly this is extremely unlikely to be due to a life threatening disorder and yes I agree that a rectal examination should have been a part of his assessment to exclude fissure in ano or perhaps piles.

However....the disorder that comes to mind is Proctalgia Fugax. Google this and let me know if his symptoms fit.

I am going out now, but will reply to any comments that you have to make, on my return.

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pain 'down below'

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