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Update - Poorly Foot

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Eve | 20:15 Fri 28th Dec 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Ended up at the docs again about my foot, must be about 2 and a half months now.

My xray showed no sign of a fracture but after a brief respite keeping off it more over Christmas the pain is back with a vengance and my knee is suffering from trying to get about without aggravating it more. It's still swollen :(

GP thinks the way I injured it would not be sufficient to cause a stress fracture and if it was that it would have healed up a lot by now and ot the RA as not typical of that.

She thinks the "injury" may be a red herring and it could be another problem with my foot so is referring me to the foot specialists to have it looked at and has upped my painkillers to dihydrocodeine which she said are stronger than my codydramol - she mentioned stuff like oromorph but I pointed out I need to be able to function with work and living alone.

So will see what they say - any ideas about possible foot problems welcome in case I can self help in the meantime. Morton's neuroma was mentioned but they said it would usually also hurt on the sole of my foot which it doesn't.

Finally succombed to the cold germs flying about so off to curl up and sniffle away on the sofa...urghhhhhhhhhg.....early night for me I think.


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Oh take care Jenna, I hope you get sorted soon, hugs
hi jenna - oramorph does not mean have to mean loss of function (either physical or mental). I was on MST (long acting morphine) with oramorph for breakthrough pain for several years, during which time i drove myself to my full time job every working day, and even worked on call night shifts with no loss of anything, except pain! If you take morphine when you don't have pain, you may experience unwanted (and wanted!) side effects, but when you start with pain, you are already behind, and the morphine is just aiming to get you back to a "normal" rather than further on. Morphine can have side effects, buit so can co-dydramol and dihydrocodien (incidentally dyhyrocodiene is just codydramol without paracetamol) Also, dihy is in the same family of drugs as morphine anyway, so if you are taking top dose, it is equivalent to a certain dose of morphine. Why don't you say yes to oramorph and start it at a night, at a weekend in case you don't like it?
Thanks for the feedback........always appreciated.
Good advice from bednobs.
Blimey, i've just been paid a compliment by sqad - it must be xmas.
Also i meant to add, if you aren't taking anything with paracetamol in anymore, i would add in 4g paracetamol a day
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Thanks bednobs, won't be so hasty next time then, thought it would knock me out :) So glad you mentioned the paracetamol too, got that horrible sinusy headachey headcold feeling so it's paracetamol, Holby and munchies then bed for me.

Should have known it would be one of those days when I came downstairs to cat squits to clear up this morning haha! Ahh at least it's the weekend so I can stay cosy on my sofa.

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Update - Poorly Foot

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