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Procedure Re: Capsulotomy

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derekpara | 15:17 Mon 26th Dec 2016 | Health & Fitness
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My optician has informed me that I am developing thickening of the eye capsule - seven years after cataract removal. I am aware of a misting of vision and particularly, headlight glare when night driving.

What is the correct procedure for obtaining a Capsulotomy (Yag Laser treatment) on the NHS ?
Will my GP refer me directly or will he require a report from the optician before doing so ?




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I really don't know and other posters may be more specific.
Make sure that Yag procedure is available at your local eye unit.
The Ophthalmologist would need to see you before advising the laser treatment and that would mean referring from your GP.
I doubt very much that the Optician could refer directly to the Consultant..
I may be wrong.
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Thanks, Sqad.

Yes, Laser treatment is available at my local NHS hospital and at some up the line in London. The optician informed me that laser treatment would deal with the problem and restore my sight to post cataract removal level.

Re referral. I didn't expect the opticians ( Specsavers) to refer me directly but wondered if the GP would require a report from them before referral from his surgery.

\\\ The optician informed me that laser treatment would deal with the problem and restore my sight to post cataract removal level. \\
It would. Although you would be given the choice as no treatment is an optician, as you have gone seven years, so this does not indicate a fast "thickening".

A report.......would be handy but not necessary,but other posters with "hands on" experience will give you your answer.
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The problem of headlight glare is an urgent issue, and the onset has been over the last two years. I drive a great deal so as far as I'm concerned the 'no treatment option' is a not one I would consider.

Thanks again.

Question Author
Sqad. I saw my doctor this morning and he has referred me to my local hospital's opthalmology department and said a report from my opthalmologist ' would be helpful,' but he didn't seem to be too bothered.


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Procedure Re: Capsulotomy

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