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First Annual Mammogram Following Breast Cancer

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Chasingcars | 22:48 Thu 04th May 2023 | Health & Fitness
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Hi, it's one year to the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Stage 1, grade 2 lobular. I had a lumpectomy and a week of radiotherapy and taking tamoxifen.
Tomorrow is my first annual mammogram since finishing treatment in September. I have healed well and feel well but obviously a little apprehensive. Im trying to remain positive that everything will be ok without becoming complacent.
When I was referred a year ago I had a physical examination, mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy in one session and came away knowing pretty much I had cancer.
Tomorrow I've been told because I'm now 'routine' that the results will be sent on in 1 to 2 weeks.
For anyone else having been through the same, is it there any chance I would be told tomorrow f everything was ok rather than wait for a letter? It's the waiting that's the hardest. Likewise if something sinister is spotted surely they'd not send me home baring in mind initially when I was referred I was in hospital within few days .
Surely the person doing the mammogram would know whether it's clear or not?
Thanks in advance


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The person doing any scan etc is usually a technician and while they will notice any abnormality all scans have to be read by a specialist in that field. If there is an abnormality I would hope your consultant would be notified as soon as possible to discuss the results with you. Good luck
the tenseness before a follow up scan - sort of everyone gets that.

( I took the view of schrodingers cat and it was all decided before the box was opened ( = result is declared). not many others did

The anxiety after the scan and before the result, is ... normal. It needs to be read by someone trained and they dont sort of mill around scan rooms.

actually it gets better - that is, you get less anxious.

The surgeon ( ca colon) said (pleaded) - please turn up for the 5 y scan, I really need it for the survival data.
//surgeon ( ca colon) said (pleaded) - please turn up for the 5 y scan, I really need it for the survival data.//

I normally get a colonoscopy every 3 years after cancer.( about 10 years ago) I have been called in for one earlier this year. On the Picolax now as I type right next to the loo.. :-)
I can't answer your question because I don't know the answer but can understand your anxiety.
Fingers crossed all is well, I hope the waiting time flies by.
Good luck!
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Well it took a while, just under 3 weeks and my mammogram is clear! Such a relief.
Frustrating as I had my in person consultation on Tuesday and I assumed results would have been in then, but as of Monday still didn't have them. I was then convinced they were saving bad news for me during the consultation, but no, just no mammogram results ...
So I left my consultation happy that physically I was doing well and recovered well ..just apprehensive without the mammogram results giving me the full picture.
Anyway my BC nurse rang me Wednesday morning at work to confirm everything was ok so a huge ,huge relief. I'm not sure if this gets any easier over time, and the waiting becomes less stressful but 1 year done so feels likes that's a big achievement.
For more peace of mind, although I will have annual mammograms via NHS in May, I may choose to have an additional one, in the winter meaning one every 6 months. Obviously I'd have to pay for the additional one. Has anyone else done this for peace of mind?
So pleased for you. If extra mammograms will give you peace of mind, then by all means pay for them - worrying will do you no good.
I`m probably going to pay this year for an extra mammogram. My Mum and her sister (and their grandmother) all had breast cancer so I`m going to have one half way between the NHS ones. That means worrying about the results every 18 months instead of 3 years!

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First Annual Mammogram Following Breast Cancer

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