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Radiotherapy Long Term Effects

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Chasingcars | 13:43 Thu 22nd Jun 2023 | Health & Fitness
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I had radiotherapy last September daily for just 5 days for breast cancer following lumpectomy.
I'm aware of the various side effects but lately I've experienced bruising kind of tenderness on my ribs (only the side I had radiotherapy). It doesn't hurt as such but if I lie on it or apply any pressure feels very bruised, though nothing visible.
Wondered if anyone else had experienced this and whether it will subside?
Many thanks


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pretty exhustive list here

which I rate as pukka - and.... your side effect is not there
Think about your next specialist consult and or the GP

DXR can weaken bones ( I had a hip replacement and there was no signs at all of this in me) but it takes a few years

40Gy to pelvis 2000 and 40 gy to orbit 2016 er clearly my eye is NOT in my pelvis - and I never had this
You can get acute and late side effects of radiotherapy.

However, I would not ignore this if it lasts for more than a few days and see your GP or contact the Oncology Team at the earliest to report this.
Hello Chasingcars, I had no effects short or long term. Other than the "bruising" how are you feeling now?
Question Author
Thanks all

Choux - yes apart from the bruising I feel absolutely fine. I do sometimes get more tired than I used to (Vs pre cancer) but I'm also on tamoxifen so that has it's own collection of side effects of which tiredness is one.
Just seemed to be related to radiotherapy as it was that side tho I suppose could be linked to surgery too as brushing feel is not far below surgery area.

Pleased to read that, well done :)
Question Author
Thanks Choux
Also just had my 1 year mammogram and all clear so that's a nice feeling!
It really is, but I never take mine for granted. This January I was informed my next mammo will be in 3 years. Diary noted and of course I will self check and contact the hospital if I have concerns.
Question Author
Absolutely I know what you mean. I think I'll always worry regardless of annual checks or not.
As it happens I planned to get private mammogram in the autumn and alternate between NHS in May and private in November just doe some reassurance as a years a long time. Easier said than done. Apparently the private hospital want a referral from my surgeon but he won't refer as the "guidelines" are annual not more frequent.
So I've now been told to see if my GP will refer or pay for private consultation at the private hospital and get them to refer ...seems a lot of running about for something I'm happy to pay for. Granted there are risks with scans etc but there is a logic behind my request!

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Radiotherapy Long Term Effects

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