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Autumn Covid Jabs

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MichaelZZ | 12:08 Mon 02nd Oct 2023 | Health & Fitness
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I am currently trying to book a Covid booster jab for my wife.  She had an adverse reaction to a Pfizer jab 2 years ago and was subsequently told by her consultant rheumatologist to avoid Pfizer jabs in the future.  Recent jabs have been Moderna or Sinofi and these have been tolerated without any ill effects.  Unfortunately, all the local pharmacies that I have contacted are currently only offering Pfizer.

We are in the South Yorkshire area but would happily travel a reasonable distance in order to get "anything other than Pfizer".

Can anyone please let me know if a non-Pfizer jab is available in their local area.

I have contacted 119 only to be told that they don't know who gets what and to phone individual pharmacies.

Thanks in anticipation!  





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all they'll say in our local area (north Midlands) is that the individual will be assessed upon appointment for suitability of the vaccine. indeed that happened to me - I ended up with Pfizer but that was of no consequence.

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Autumn Covid Jabs

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