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Ovaltine Or Horlicks Query?

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cleoval | 19:59 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Health & Fitness
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Hi I am having trouble sleeping  and is it true the malted drinks Ovaltine or Horlicks can help you sleep better.?Which drink is better and is supermarket own brands just as good.?  Many Thanks in advance.



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Yes I do find that Horlicks helps me drift off to sleep but I'm not keen on Ovaline.

Love Horlicks.  Have never tried supermarket own brands.

Horlicks is better, and supermarket brands aren't as good. (advised by a relative who swears by it).

Is it more effective using milk, instead of instant made with boiling water?

the instant ones made with boiling water are awful.

placebo effect, warm milk do the same thing, not as tasty..but.

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I would like to know also Patsy.

Proper horlicks made with milk is more effective.

I had the instant last time. Didn't like it much. I felt a bit more relaxed but can't say I slept much better. I think I will get the original Horlicks next time and use milk. I'm laying awake all night recently.

fender62 is right - it's the warm milk which is the solution.


The claim for any additive is just a load of horlicks.

I must say that Ovaltine or Horlicks was my go to drink for consuming at bedtime,until I discovered this:~

Drink Me Spiced Chai

It's a hot milk drink,but it tates(to me) like Ovaltine crossed with Christmas Pudding flavours.

I warn you,it is addictive,but very comforting too.


A finger of whisky is just as good and no mess to clear up.

//A finger of whisky is just as good//

Measured on a baking tray.🥃

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Ovaltine Or Horlicks Query?

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