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knee pain

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paul 1 | 17:41 Thu 07th Jun 2007 | Health & Fitness
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hi. over the last few days i have pain in my left knee and it has got worse. no pain when i feel my knee only when i bend it to put on my socks. play no sports but do swim twice a week, only a few lengths and no history of knee pain. went to doctor and he has given me diclofenac sodium 50mg to take 3 times a day for a month. can any one tell me what this pain is, cause of it and when it go in time, how long and are these tablets any good. thanks 4 your help


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Hi Paul,

The drugs he has given you are anti-inflammatory's, make sure you take the whole course.

Obviously I cannot say exactly what you have but it could be cartiledge or tendent problems.
If you participate in swimming without offending you your stroke technique might be causing you problems.

I tore my ligament in my knee 2 years ago and still suffer.

If its causing you really bad problems still ask the doc to refer you for MRI however the NHS dont like doing this so you might be better of paying provate (400 to 600)

Try taking some Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg per day also, this repairs the cartelidge.

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knee pain

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