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Laser eye surgery that goes wrong

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Briony18 | 14:02 Fri 25th Sep 2009 | Health & Fitness
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My daughter had the Lasik laser eye surgery 2 years ago and after a year her eye sight started to deteriorate and also she felt as if she had grit in her eyes. She went back to the Laser eye clinic and they said that they could do corrective surgery which would involve scraping the front of the eye and then she would have to wear contact lenses for 5 days to re shape the eye and then they said that it should be fine and she would be able to go back to work, which involves computers.
This was about 6 weeks ago and when she has been back to the eye clinic several times as her vision wasn't really improving. Finally when went she went back last week she was just given a prescription for glasses again as the corrective surgery hadn't worked and now my daughters eyes are actually worse than before she ever had the first operation. Before she had the initial eye lasering she had to sign a disclaimer, which I realise is normal practice, but I would like to hear if anyone else has experienced problems like this and whether there is anything that we can do now. I wonder if it would be worth getting referred to an eye hospital through our doctor .I would be interested to hear any advice about this. Jill


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this is exactly why I would never have laser eye surgery done in first place. My sight is rubbish but I'd rather wear contacts or glasses that take the small chance of something going wrong that I may never see again

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Laser eye surgery that goes wrong

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