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Can concussion effect speech?

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Uberloitenment | 15:16 Thu 10th Mar 2011 | Health & Fitness
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Has anyone had concussion and did it effect either your ability or will to speak ?


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I havent been concussed BUT following concussion speech may well be affected and this may go on for weeks.
slurring of the speech is one of the signs you are told to watch out for in any kind of head injury as it can be a warning that there is bleeding... had a good case when I was a student nurse...two little lads out playing in the street one fell of his bike and knocked his head, as he fell he knocked his friend over too...original child was fine... but it was when the second child asked where the toilet was and a fellow student heard his voice we realised he had a head injury too....
rowan ??????????.

The real sign of intracranial bleeding id HEADACHE.
I was taught that younger children don't often describe pain very well.. so we used to have standard 'watch out for 'cards, included head ache, slurred speech, drowsiness, vomitting etc then uneven pupils... the kid probably did have a headache too...but with everyone fussing over his little friend he didn't mention it he certainly managed to vomit though
rowan mmmmm! maybe!

I just have the impression that the poster has had a head injury or someone he knows, has been seen at A&E and concussion diagnosed. Since then, the patient has had difficulty with speech and he wants to know if that is normal.

Head headache but slurring of big deal.
Head injury........severe headache with slurring of speech........BIG DEAL.

I am only guessing that that is the OP´s scenario.
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Thank you for the answers :)

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Can concussion effect speech?

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