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Kidney stones

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juill | 17:22 Sun 20th Mar 2011 | Body & Soul
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As anyone had their kidney stones blasted? Any advice welcome


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i cant help you, but i hope someone picks up your question.
My niece has, she has been prone to them from a young age. It's not nice, but it works for her.
No, I havent but as nobody has either.....I will add to the above 2 posts.
Takes about an hour.
You lie on your side and have either a local anaesthetic or sedation...depending upon the hospital.
Uncomfortable, but NOT painful.
You may have to have it repeated.
better than the op I think. You pass the residue as sand. However stones are dealt with, they can recur....might be worth looking into dietary issues.
Well, I have had 5 or 6 kidney stones over the last 35 years. It is agonising. Time before last, I had it "blasted", the experience was very straight-forward. I was given a general anaesthetic. and allegedly put naked into some sort of bath, and had the "blast" Woke up an hour later, just felt slightly bruised, nothing more. However, all the blast succeeded in doing was to break the stone into two pieces....NOT sand! So I had recurrent pains as the two bits travelled wherever for another 3 weeks. Desperate need to pee constantly one evening...suddenly they both popped out with no pain. Opened a bottle of champagne!!

Had another one 2 years ago when on vacation in Argentina. Horrendous pain started during the night, knew instantly what it was....the knowing does help, as less likely to panic. Really did not want to be hospitalised in South America, just drank gallons of water (safe in Buenos Aires) and after one hour the pain went away. But some days later after my return to the UK, it recurred badly, but I passed the stone suddenly, (I am male, by the way!) and all was fine. Had an xray last year, and nothing showed.

For anyone who suffers from this painful condidtion.....drink LOTS of water every day. I mean 3 litres...........and I was advised to avoid tomato skins and pips, also strawberries, raspberries...such a pity!

Hope this helps....sure the "blasting" procedure is more refined now.

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Kidney stones

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