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is it normal for a five year old to have nightmares?

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Jenarry | 23:38 Sun 31st Jul 2011 | Body & Soul
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My 5 year old has nightmares occasionally. The first time was at the start of January . It was our first night in a hotel room after the excitement of being on his 1st plane trip etc so i put it down to that. but little guy still has them occasionally. It's horrible . He wakes up yelling and crying and sounds and looks terrified. It makes me feel sick just to think about it. I know we all have bad dreams from time to time but is it normal for a 5 yr old to suffer bad dreams to this extent of being terrified?...
He does have juvenile diabetes which i wonder if it has anything to do with it. maybe his blood sugar level is not right making him feel 'funny' and causing theses bad dreams. but i'm too busy comforting him after and don't want to upset by getting his blood test kit out.


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Aww that's awful for him and you Jen. Have you spoken to his medical carer just in case it's a change in his diabetic condition? I guess all children at some stage go through nightmares so maybe it is just a stage, but to put your mind at rest maybe you should mention it next time you see them?
Have no idea about the diabetes connection, but little ones do get nightmares and even night terrors, keep as quiet and calm as you can and gently reassure. I would mention it only if it escalates in case there is a link with his meds etc.

Always double check that all is well at school etc too, good luck.

This link seems to infer that it is not uncommon for kiddies to have nightmares.
Show me a 5 year old who hasn't had a few nightmares and I'll start to believe in miracles!

All young children have nightmares from time to time. As long as it's only occasional there's absolutely nothing to worry about.

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ah thankyou for your answers and your link as well wolf63. i think i will mention the nightmares at my little guys next diabetic check up in a 3 weeks time just to see if there could be any connection to his blood sugar levels or his insulin maybe. thankyou again.
Yes.....most children get nightmares and yes, they could well be due to a low blood sugar at night.

Mention this at the Diabetic clinic.
Our middle daughter suffered from them for a time - but grew out of them, as i am sure most children do.
I think most of them do at some point.
Yes it is very normal to have night mare. Sometimes it is just because of some medicine that the child might be using for his cold and cough or there is a possibility that he is feeling insecure in his real life. If he is really feeling insecure, you had better consult some doctor.

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is it normal for a five year old to have nightmares?

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