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Hydroxychloroquine for Sjogrens Syndrome

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SMP | 16:28 Tue 10th Apr 2012 | Body & Soul
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I am having tests for Sjogrens Syndrome. I have dry eyes, mouth and nose. Fatigue and joint pain. Also have hiatus hernia, acid reflux and thyroid goitre. Blood tests are normal so Rheumatologist thinks I am one of the 40% who do not have the antibodies but has the condition. I am waiting for a lip biopsy.
Rheumatologist has prescribed Hydroxychloroquine for the fatigue, joint pain and to help with the mouth ulcers I get. Has anyone taken this? Any big side effects?



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No I have never taken it. not Google side effects, just take your medication as in the vast majority of cases, the drug therapy is free of side effects.
Question Author
Thanks Sqad. Have been given a short information leaflet by the Rheumatologist butit doesn't say a lot. Also have a helpline number to call if I have any problems. To be honest as long as it helps the pain and fatigue I can probably put up with a few (minor) side effects.
SMP....very sensible post.
I'd be interested to hear how you get on with things. Looks like I may be tested for it as had opticians say I've had dry eyes numerous times over a few years now and been unable to wear contacts for ages.

Been a lot worse recently, eyes sore with the dryness and having to drink more to swallow some stuff. Am already with a rhumatologist for inflammatory arthritis so GP has said to speak to them about it.

Had my eyes checked a couple of times recently and both said my tears were evaporating almost immediately (and mentioned Sjorgrens) though having googled some stuff it looks to me like SS is a problem with producing tears rather than them evaporating quickly so wondering it that might rule it out and it's just random dryness which will get better itself without meds etc... but with other possible automimune stuff cropping up we'll see.
Question Author
Jenna, i started with going to the optician because my contact lenses weren't comfortable and like you it was found that my tears were of poor quality and evaporated too quickly.
I then had an infection in my parotid salivary gland making my mouth very dry. Turned out i had a saliva stone that got stuck in opening of the gland. It eventually came out but I noticed that the dryness didn't improve. Around this time was also having a lot of acid reflux and abdo pain and endoscopy showed small hiatus hernia. Not uncommon with SS.
I have a thyroid multinodular goitre which is an autoimmune thing, again not uncommon wih SS.
I can cope with the dry eyes and mouth, I have eye drops and ointment and artificial saliva for my mouth but it is the awful joint and muscle pain and the overwhelming fatigue that drags me down so hope these tablets work.
As i said bloods were normal no antibodies but not unusual in SS so waiting for the lip biopsy.
hi I take hydroxychloroquine , sulphasalazine and methotrexate for rhuematoid arthritis. I have to get an eye tests every now and then for hydroxy but other than that no probs with it.
I so hope it works for you, know how lovely it'd be for me to get rid of the evil arthritis pain or at least decrease it. I wore contacts from about 14 and had no problems until the last few years, even with the dailies and extra moisture ones. As well as uncomfortable I'd get this weird pressure and headachey and the optician said it's my dry eyes sucking all the moisture out of the lenses and sucking it to my eyeball (ewwwwww!). I don't find the eyedrops help much, hurt my eyes and the moisture doesn't last long.

How do you find the sulfasalazine futritcat? I just can't get on it with, makes me ill every time and been on and off it so many times. Was taken off after an infected gallbladder in Nov til after my op in March and asked GP about going back on (grudgingly but flaring) as rhumo said to give it one last try but GP said no as I keep getting infections and such. Methotrexate has been mentioned previously as combination therapy.

See rhumo in a couple of weeks (counting down the days!) so will see what she says.
Question Author
Thanks futritct. Rheumatologist mentioned more frequent eye tests if on the drug more than 6 months.
Hi jenna no problems with sulphasalazine know lots of folk who have had my brother for one was very ill with an infection was put back on and same happened again, works well for me the 3 combined. They now want my brother to go onto injections doing it himself fortnightly but very expensive drug but supposed to be very good.

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Hydroxychloroquine for Sjogrens Syndrome

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