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Gp X-Ray Referral - Possible Fracture

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Eve | 22:24 Sat 15th Dec 2012 | Body & Soul
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I've been referred with a GP form for an x-ray for a suspected foot stress fracture to go in their drop in clinic hours (so will be Monday now).

Out of interest, if the x-ray does show a fracture, depending where and how bad I guess, would they be likely to sort it at the hospital or would it be wait for the x-ray to be sent to the GP for them to sort out?


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Stress fractures usually need little more than rest but the hospital might decide than the only way to really 'rest' your foot from further stress is by putting it in a pot.
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Thanks Chris :) Just hoping whatever it is is fixable quickly, fingers crossed!

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Gp X-Ray Referral - Possible Fracture

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