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Shark Experience

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floss85 | 18:36 Tue 26th Jul 2005 | Body & Soul
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Hi all.

I really want to treat my boyfriend for his birthday (its not till March (!) but I figured it is going to take some planning.)

He really loves sharkes and thought I could get him a 'shark experience'. Not a red letter day, but an actual holiday for a sharke experience (to cape town or somewhere)

I have googled it but nothing really come up. Anyone done anything similar?


Floss xx



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Try Walkers Key, in the Bahamas. They do shark feeding rodeos, where a frozen "chumsicle" of fish is lowered into the water at a certain spot, then up to 50 sharks come in and feed on it, while divers sit at the bottom watching.

I am making the assumption here that your boyfriend is a diver, otherwise you are limited to snorkelling encounters, such as shark cages. These are mainly based in South Africa, but from what I understand cage diving is being reviewed in the area at the moment, as they have to chum the water to encourage the sharks to come close. The authorities are examining links between the increased levels of chumming and the increased numbers of shark attacks that have taken place there recently.

You can fly to Cape Town and book cage diving when you get there - but i'm fairly sure you need to be a qualified diver.
Andy008- A lot of the cage diving outfits in South Africa allow snorkellers, as the cage is held at the surface by floats and the top is open.

I believe a lot of shark feeding is now being discouraged because it gets sharks used to being in proximity with people and gets them to associate people with food.

You may find it harder to find than it used to be.

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Shark Experience

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