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Rasberry Ketone Tablets For Weight Loss

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dieseldick | 16:47 Fri 14th Apr 2017 | Body & Soul
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anyone tried them, heard of them , read reviews online but im skeptical of any pills though many people do say they lost loads weight as these hit your metabolism hard and really get it going to aid /burn fat loss.

i know it is what you put in your body that makes you what you are but diet pills must do something to boost the effects of weight loss.

im only about 5-7kg overweight but i really want to tighten up , will go gym also


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forgot to ask about the bio slim detox pills .
If you have had gastric surgery why not do a pouch reset?
Question Author
islay . answer about the pills !!
You would be better off going buying the fat blockers from boots XLS medical
The reason I suggested doing a pouch reset was because your stomach may be more sensitive to tablets etc
rubbish. total complete and utter rubbish.
If tablets worked GPs would prescribe them, fat people would buy them and their would be no overweight people.
They do not work.
Don't touch them !
Read this
This site even says that Raspberry Ketone supplements have been banned in the UK (paragraph 5)
^^ Raspberry Ketone SUPPLEMENTS , which are supposed to help lose weight are BANNED , but Raspberry Ketone FLAVORING is still permitted. So any site claiming to sell Raspberry Ketone is just selling flavoring NOT the actual supplement.
You'd be better off ditching all the carbs and eat good fresh food. Putting unproven chemicals into your body won't work long term.
I've tried the tablets. They don't work.
I totally agree with pasta.

Ditch carbs, alcohol, caffeine, anything "ready made" drink loads of water, take exercise, eat natural, get plenty of lean protein, oily fish and an abundance of vegetables.

In essence you can't booze to excess, eat site and purchase a tablet-form quick-fix from boots.

Real result require real dedication and real commitment.
Nom in the past this user has mentioned that he has had gastric surgery so that changes what this user can eat.
Question Author
well i agree then they should be banned indeed also from newspapers and well known internet sites posting these bloody ADs .

glad i asked as i probably would have fell for these and blew £40.00 on sh....
The adverts are misleading but not illegal, the small print will state that you are buying a flavouring or 'essence' which is NOT the same as a supplement. ( It takes 40 Kg of Raspberries to make ONE dose of Supplement!) Raspberry Ketone flavouring / essence is what is used in Raspberry ice cream and other Raspberry flavoured products. It is quite legal to sell it but it will do NOTHING for weight loss!
As said, you can't lose weight by eating something extra to what you normally eat. You need to eat less and exercise more!
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