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Vitiligo = Or Something Else?

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joko | 17:05 Wed 02nd Aug 2017 | Body & Soul
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i know vitiligo is usually dark skin turning pale in patches - but is it also when its light skin going darker in patches too?

i'm white but have a few darker patches of skin, mainly on my face -my dad also had similar things

the patches are not that dark - not like a birthmark brown, but maybe like a cup of average tea perhaps.
most people dont notice them, or if they do probably assume it patchy makeup = as they are both on my cheeks - but not in a 'handy'- no-longer-needs-blusher kind of way haha.

or is there some other reason for it perhaps? some other condition?



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No vitiligo is lack of melanin (dark patches) in the dark bits go white.Light skin going dark would indicate an increase in melanin which is opposite to the case in vitiligo.
So they are different.
You are describing a genetic situation of patchy melanin deposits......i am sure that there is a name for this, but I don't know one.
mamy....I can't think of a better name.
Seem to recall an Aunt had it quite pronounced, looked like she'd been in the sun but kept an eye mask on.

Never bothered her.
I've known it called Chloasma and is often related to hormonal changes eg pregnancy or the pill.
I have them now that I am old ish. My Doctor says they are quite normal and are age spots.....but if you are a young person that may well be uneven melanin in your skin which means that patches my go darker in the sun.
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thanks all,
im 45. the patches are fairly large, about the size and shape of a large egg, only 2 of them, one on each cheek in the same place, so probably not age spots.
i'll check out the other things mentioned

i do also have pcos so perhaps it is hormonal.
I had a relative with Addison's disease or some problem with his adrenals and he had a lot of dark patches appear all over his body.

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Vitiligo = Or Something Else?

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