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Many Thanks For Your Input In Last Post(Sore Neck)Painkillers) More Help Needed On Another Matter

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alinic | 20:06 Thu 11th Jan 2018 | Body & Soul
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I have been in pain in every joint in my body for about 4wks. blood test okay for auto immune and arthritis, I am a healthy 50yr old and the last few weeks have been terrible pain wise, can hardly put my car into gear or open a door without pain? Any idea as what's to going on in my body and what's my next thing to do or what to ask for at gp? Any help would be great however small. Thanks very much.
No swelling no fever .


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Any other symptons - tiredness etc?
Any diurnal variation (worse in mornings than evenings)?

Probably a mile off, Alinic.....but when I had those symptoms...exactly as you describe....and even had to be rolled out of bed in the morning because of the took an absolute find the cause...
It was an allergy to peanuts....not the usual immediate anaphylactic reaction......just a very strange and unusual slow reaction to the peanuts....muscle and joint pain...everything hurt....couldn't even lift a kettle without real pain........
As I say.....probably not what's causing your pain but worth a think about...x
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No other symptoms night sweats but nothing unusual, no problem with loo etc. If I go back to GP I want to ask right questions, at the moment I am taking 30/500 co codomal, was taking naproxen but didn't help. Is there other test or anything else I could try? Thank you.
You can get night sweats and joint pain with the menopause. Might be worth asking for a FSH test (not that they are very conclusive but might give you an idea)
I think you can only go back and asks for more tests, especially for viral infections if arthritis has been ruled out. You haven't been abroad lately have you?
Perhaps it's neurological?

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Many Thanks For Your Input In Last Post(Sore Neck)Painkillers) More Help Needed On Another Matter

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