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F.a.o Sqad Evening To You, Could You Tell Me If Syndol In Spain? I Was Talking

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alinic | 21:20 Fri 16th Mar 2018 | Body & Soul
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To a friend at work who says there are no longer available here?
She said it had paracetamol, codeine caffeine and doxylamine?
She uses it for cluster headaches which it seems to help, if not available what else could she use? Thanks for your valuable input. Regards Ali.


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No I don't think that you can, but they have tablets called Gelacotil con codeine, which is virtually the same containing Paracetamol 600mgms and codeine ( can't remember the dose)

Remember in Spain one can buy OTC Ibuprofen 600mgms which might be a useful alternative.
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Thanks for your very informative answer Sqad, could you tell me if that's okay to buy over the counter in Spain? Hope you have had a good night at your
I tried to buy codeine over the counter in Thpain
and got some pretty horrified looks

things may have changed
Peter - did thay undersan u LOL
Question Author
That's so funny Peter pendant! Have you been on the ginger
O god they looked at me as if I just taken Tramadol into Egypt for a fren'

you know ..... like THAT !
Question Author
My sides are sore laughing ! I might need to find something for the pain! Have a good night happy people. Regards Ali.
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Doh and I forgot got to ask, is it okay for her to take two at a time? Sqad? Thank you
If in the UK she could try co-codamol. The stronger version is only available on prescription.
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Thanks Jackdaw
They are a mixture of paracetamol and codeine. The 500/8 version can be bought over the counter but the 500/30, obviously stronger, is available only on prescription.
alinic......I am not sure if you can buy them over the counter, but i think so, in Spain one can get an appt the same day with a DR, should a prescription be necessary.
Yes, she can take two at a a time, but no longer than a couple of days at most.

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F.a.o Sqad Evening To You, Could You Tell Me If Syndol In Spain? I Was Talking

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