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Tinnitis, Any Way To Reduce The Annoyance.

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SparklyKid | 12:14 Sun 30th Dec 2018 | Body & Soul
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Hearing aid helps a bit, any ideas ?


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You can get a white noise generator that can mask the noise in your ears. You'd need to see an audiologist.
Question Author
Ta Clo, going next week. For now I have the radio on computer, very annoying condition.
I found by accident that the noise from my ceiling fan helps mask the tinnitis and helps my sleep enormously.
I have had it for over 30 years, you do get used to it and have found nothing helps. There are certain foods that can make it worse, worth looking up. I find at night if it is bad I put the radio on which does help.
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External sounds certainly help, the tinnitus is worse in silent environments. Might get a loud ticking clock in the bedroom, annoy the wife would be a bonus,lol.
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Good advice on tinternet. I have an NHS hearing aid which has become faulty. I bought one yesterday from ARGOS, £30. Reviews were quite good. Should be delivered later today.
Difficult to discuss on a website BUT.......the answer to your question involves all the above posts.
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Hi Mr Sqad. It apparently affects 1 in 5 people. I might get an old tranny radio and walk round with headphones on.
I’ve had it for 10 years. You just learn to live with it. It’s in the ear that I have loss of hearing, and my hearing aid doesn’t mask it, although the audiologist said it might help. It didn’t.
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Same as me chrissa1.
Something like this, used at night on the bedside table...... User Recommendation

Play through the built-in speaker all night....
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Looks good gingerbee, thanks.
Why not get your NHS one sorted out? All for free, and free batteries too.

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Tinnitis, Any Way To Reduce The Annoyance.

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