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Watery Eyes during Winter

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KebabMeister | 11:20 Tue 29th Nov 2005 | Body & Soul
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Every winter the cold really makes my eyes water, so much that I have trouble focusing on anything 20 metres away (if outside in the elements). My eyes are very sensitive during summer too - ultra violet/hazy weather makes them water as well.

I have had many eye tests in the past and my eye sight has always been 20/20... so are there eye drops or other medication that I can use to help my eyes?



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I have the same problem and very curious to what people recommend!

During the end of summer, I got the same symptoms you mentioned and went to have an eye test and my eyesight was fine. now that its cold my eyes water alot too and go blurry. weird.

Well I never!
I am the same although I am short sighted and wear specs.My eyes stream in the bright sunshine and I have to wear sunglasses .
Same in the winter ,they water and then things in the distance look blurry.My mascara runs and I look a fright !
I don't know what causes it either.I thought it was an age thing as it didn't happen when I was younger.
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Well, I'm 32 and I've had sensitive eyes in the sun since I was in my teens, but I'm not sure about the cold - maybe late teens/early 20s?

Wow, I thought I was a freak for having watering eyes in Winter! I'm really interested in the responses too!

It gets so bad that the top of my cheek get irritates by me constantly wiping the tears, I'd love a winter where I didn't have this problem!

hilarious - now what can we do about it! Yeah I have to go without mascara in the winter most times because of watery eyes. I am 28 and can say this has happened for the last few years only. my mom has sensitive eyes and gets alergies alot so maybe its genetic?
Well It's not old age then Kebabmeister..I am getting on for 58.I seem to have had this in the summer for a a good few years now ..perhaps since I was in my thirties..Only in the last few years in the cold.Sunglasses do help in the summer ..if I remember to take them with me.I have never mentioned it to my optician..perhaps I should when I go next time.
Whatever you do don't Google "watery eyes "or you will have to go and lay down!

I get watery eyes, streaming sometimes. My eyes are sensitive to bright light. I wear sunglasses at odd times also.

This happens mainly in cold and winter time as the sun seems to be lower and far brighter in the morning, and drying winds are not a help either.

Just thought I would add that I have the same problem!! My mother suffers as well so I just thought it was normal. Obviously it is quite common.

I am 35 and this has been happening to me for about 6 or 7 years now, and it seems to get worse every year. It only happens to me in the cold, and the tears stream down my face like crazy. I asked the optometrist about it this weekend and he said it is from my eyes drying out and that I could try some over the counter eye drops to "moisten" my eyes before going outside, but that truth be told that was unlikely to help.

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Watery Eyes during Winter

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