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barry1010 | 11:50 Fri 25th Dec 2020 | Body & Soul
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My aged relative whom I care for wears hearing aids and has regular check ups and hearing tests.
Last week he was again sent home without having his hearing test because there is too much wax in his ear. We are dealing with it (again).
This wax build up is impossible to see with a torch, it is too far down the ear canal.

I have just seen otoscopes on sale on Amazon for less than £30. Connect to pc, phone or tablet and it should, theoretically, give a good clear picture of the ear canal and drum (or ear wax).

Are these safe for amateurs like me to use? I don't want to damage his eardrum or cause him discomfort, I simply want to check that his ear canals are wax free before booking another appointment.



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We do clear the wax but we don't know the wax is there until we have taken him for his hearing test. Then we have to clear the wax, hope it is all gone and book another appointment. That is the bit we are trying to avoid. It would be useful to know if his ears are clear before we book the hearing test
Personally I would follow the old saying of 'don't poke anything into your ears'.I understand what you are saying but if you give his ears a good cleaning the day before his appointment would that not suffice?
Perfectly safe.
With an Otoscope you will be nowhere near the eardrum and remember that the ear canal has a bend in it, so don't be afraid to push a little and lift ti pinna upwards.
A good idea.
Question Author
Thank you, Sqad. Should I choose an old fashioned one like this User Recommendation

Or could you recommend a different one?
Question Author
Or a modern one like this? User Recommendation
barrie absolutely amazing and if i may say so......impressive as I was thinking of an Otoscope far more simpler.
Either one will suffice and remember that you will probably not see or be anywhere near the eardrum.
I will stress again that when you insert the probe, with your other hand pull the ear upwards and backwards and that will make life much easier.
May need a bit of practice but a great idea.
Question Author
That's great, thanks, Sqad. I'll get the one you recommend.
Now, off duty with you, Sir! Tis Christmas Day. Cheers!
Micro suction may be a better answer - about £80 an ear in London. Highly effective, much more so than drops.
Question Author
allen, my aged relative has problems which makes it very difficult to cope with strange and unusual things. He can just about cope with people looking down his ears and having drops but suction would cause him much distress. I agree, though, suction would be the easier option, otherwise - around £50 here.

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