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HFJL2020 | 15:19 Sun 17th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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those of u who have tinnitis did u have the jab any probs with tinnitis


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I haven't, but it seems Covid itself may make it worse
Just take your jab Henry instead of backing a rank outsider.
My tinnitus is no worse than it has been for 30 years.
Which would you rather have - tinnitus or Covid?!
As sqad says, have the jab.
thanks jno one of my neighbours mysteriously has been claiming his tinnitus has worsened ....
o god I thought he had had it - the jab I mean

Ha ! can Ed label these threads as

stupid troll point being used to persuade the gullible not to have the jab? I completely failed to spot the now obvious

I'm not having the jab as my muvvuz cat died directly after she had a jab ( me auld mam not the cat that is!). Quite honestly - troof is, I wished it wasnt the cat. Yeah it wasnt my mum actually it was her fren' Madge and Madge says she finks ..... yeah I did say Madge was dead or nearly dead..... or asleep. That jab is leefal to small furry animals I say
Someone on Facebook wrote that tinnitus was a symptom of COVID. If that the case then I’ve had it since, 2008.
chrissa, it can be - see the link I posted above. But that involves making it worse rather than creating it from scratch.

I've had it for years too. But my GP put me on quinine tablets a while ago for leg cramps, and that also made it worse. I stopped taking the pills but the hearing didn't recover.

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