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Vaccine And Testing Positive

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fruitsalad | 18:06 Tue 19th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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Do you think people who have had the vaccine but are testing positive for covid, could be because they have a small amount in their system from the vaccine. I know of one person who has had the vaccine, and the 2nd one, early Jan, and has now tested positive, with the virus.


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I didn't think it was developed with the virus. My nurse friend had the jab mid December, she tested positive a few days ago, but her two kids had it, so no surprise. She had no symptoms apart from a blocked nose, which might not have been anything to do with Covid.

The vaccine may have saved her from horrible symptoms.
There is no live virus in the vaccines currently in use.
no there is no virus in the vaccine - any of the vaccines.

since your fren has tested positive she must have had symmptoms and now has the disease
and so counts as someone who has been vaccinated now with Covid. She is very unlikely to die and very unlikely to need ITU ( the two are connected)
'she must have had symmptoms'
Not necessarily.
// The vaccine may have saved her from horrible symptoms.//
and z lingering miserable DDDDEEEEEAAAAATTTTHHHHH !!
excuse me
why test if no symptoms?
Question Author
She has no symptoms, and feels fine, as has been said, probably due to the vaccine.
Round here there's a testing station for people with no symptoms. It's to try and get the asymptomatics out of general pop.
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Pp shes tested once a month, under some university scheme thingy.
A friend of ours who is a care home worker got ill a day or so after vaccination, which was pretty unlucky.
yeah sozza
I forgot completely about street testing normals as screening

they are still worrying about vaccinated carriers which hasnt been resolved yet

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Vaccine And Testing Positive

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