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HFJL2020 | 19:17 Tue 19th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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i want to print out some info is there a free program to do this tau


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Do you have a printer?
Exactly what a was thinking calmk
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Have you ever used it with this laptop or PC?
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What sort of information is it, henry?
Do it the same way? Is it a document or web page?
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its a doc
in what program is the document?
is the document in some format that says "Print" at the top of the page? If so, switch on your printer and click on the word; it should either print straightaway or offer you alternatives about printing in colour etc.
Where did you find it, or get it from?
You've left us all confused, I think, Henry - and not for the first time either!).

If you've got a Word document, other text document, spreadsheet, web page or whatever in front of you, and you simply want to print it out, then pressing Ctrl and P together should be all that's required to initiate the printing process.

If the 'info' that you want to print doesn't currently exist in any printable form though, you'll need to use a suitable program to get it into that form. That might be a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer or similar), a spreadsheet program (such as Excel or Calc), a desktop publishing program (such as Publisher or Scribus) or something completely different. It all depends upon WHAT it is that you need to print out (and possibly upon HOW you want to print it out).

We need more information!
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Is the document just a file on your computer, Henry, that you've not opened (or can't open for some reason) or is it a document that's open, so that you can read it.

(If you can read it then, assuming that your printer is already online, you should simply need to press Ctrl and P together, and then 'Print', to print out the document using your printer's default options).
Control and p Then hit your enter key
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all is ok now done it ta for help

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