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Help With Catarrh

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wrayperson | 11:20 Tue 11th May 2021 | Body & Soul
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I have had bad catarrh for a couple of years..tried various medication from the Doctor, but nothing helped..can anyone suggest anything to help.?


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Need to know what YOU mean by "catarrh" which is a lay term and a symptoms, not a disease.
Does it come down the back of the throat completely disassociated with your nose OR does it mainly come down your nose?
If it comes down your nose is it thick or watery?
Is it white or coloured?
Is your nose blocked and do you sneeze ?

Let's start from there.
I really do hope you find an answer to this question from someone who is prepared and able to 'start' where you are...and with the words YOU use..
Squad's questions make perfect sense
entranced...I have a sneaky suspicion that sqad knows exactly what questions to ask.
pastafreak i have absolutely no interest in what you have
calmic...then i invite you to expand and maybe just maybe help answer the question?
Sqad is a former ENT surgeon if I'm not mistaken, entranced. Maybe you can answer the question...
Also, there is no need for rudeness on this site.
I know many people couldn't do this but my brother was a professional singer and used to have catarrh and so in case his singing was marred during an act. He brokeshells and used some liquid, water or milk to get it. It musta worked cos he never had a problem.

////// "I really do hope you find an answer to this question from someone who is prepared and able to 'start' where you are...and with the words YOU use..//////

I also agree with you.
Sqad...... I have had the same sort of symptoms for about 20 years, I had an operation on my nose around the same time, I was told that the mucus was not draining away as it should and the operation would help, the answer is that it didn't help, I wake up every morning and I'm block and clogged with mucus etc, I've got to have a good half a dozen coughs to clear it and for the first hour or so of waking up I've got to constantly blow my nose until it is cleared, I am lent over the sink every morning coughing my heart up, throughout the day i'm still blowing my nose after eating or drinking, if I bend down to tie laces, etc the 'snot' just drips from my nose, it can be very embarrassing, I am 73 years old and tried most sprays etc but nothing works, i've just learned to live with it.
Is there anything else I can do?
PS. After the op I also lost my sense of smell and taste.
SaintPeter......that is very helpful.
Clearly there was an obstruction in your nasal passage some 20 years ago and am sorry that the operation didn't help.
It would seem reasonable to seek another ENT opinion in case the "obstruction " has either returned or was inadequately treated in the operation that you have mentioned.
I understand your reticence for another operation.
Might I suggest seeing your GP and give intranasal steroids e.g Beconase Nasal Spray to be used last thing at night.
Sqad..... thanks very much, as soon as the GP surgery reopens again for a face to face appointment I will get some more advice and see if they can arrange an ENT appointment, thanks again.
I cannot answer the question without the answers to the questions that Squad asked. There can be many causes and treatment would be based on the type of catarrh and specific symptoms as asked by Squad. Also to know what treatment and medication was tried and did not work
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Thanks Sqad, just at back of nose..have to clear throat a lot, but not enough to cough anything up..left ear feels blocked a lot, don't know if there's any connectionĺ
wrayperson...that helps a little and I notice that you are a keen gardener and interested in plants and flowers.
From the information gleaned, an Allergic element to you symptoms seems likely.
Try Beconase Nasal Spray which is available from your local chemist.
Yes, there will beca connection between your blocked ear and nasal symptoms.
On reading my post over again - I did mean eggshells rather than shells.

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Help With Catarrh

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