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Bite Lumps On Feet, Lower Leg

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emmie | 06:12 Sun 25th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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possibly mozzies, is there anything i can take, use, to ease the itching.


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Try baking soda on your bites - mix with a bit of water and make in to a paste
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would have to buy some.... i don't keep it in the house.. will try the antihistamine first and see how that goes.
If you have nothing in the house/flat at all, vinegar is good for instant relief. Just a dab on your finger then the spot.
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stings a bit i would
fleas from the carpet ( jump see but not far)
or harvesters ( grass fleas around this time of year - near the harvest)
or horse flies - ( not usually ankles)

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will get some goods from Boots, i have had this problem before when travelling but not so much in the UK.
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they are not just on my feet, but on my inner thigh too. most unsightly.
Twenty minutes in the sun every day should be enough to make vitamin D at this time of year (unless you cover yourself in sun block)
Emmie, a good burst of sun last year isn't going to see you through this year.

My friend / colleague the Immunologist said Vit D should be taken lifelong and should NEVER be stopped.

I'm just in Wetherspoons having breakfast with half a Guiness :-) xx
Some people must not take Vit D supplements, though - such as those taking some anti-seizure drugs. It's always worth checking with your GP before taking any OTC vitamins or medicines.
i get vit d on prescription
Have recommended this before, really good for summer bites, stings etc: ANTHISAN

Can be bought over the counter at most pharmacies - I used some just this morning!
Vinegar stops itching. Mozzie here is long legged & quiet (no usual whinny sound).
I have no time for mozzies ,even the a/b variant.
Antihistamine cream and/or tablets are readily available at any chemist, Superdrug etc etc but the latter at least are far cheaper in Lidl - worth keeping a packet in the house. I'm not convinced that the Vit D bit is very relevant.
I also get VitD on prescription.
Emmie, Avon dry oil spray , they hate it

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Bite Lumps On Feet, Lower Leg

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