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Shakes And Thyroxine

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browndmb | 11:15 Sun 14th Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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Have had my thyroid out and taking thyroxine 150 / 100 mg alternate days and been on it for approx 5 years.
This last week or so have been having the shakes in the morning after taking the medicine. Also have some wheezing and snappy
Is this the thyroxine and have a phone appointment with my GP in a couple of weeks so will put it to him.
Just wondering if this can happen after taking the med for this length of time.

Thanks for any info as to whether this is common .
I am putting it down to the vaccinations


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You mean micrograms not miligrams.

I can see no obvious connection between your present symptoms and thyroxine intake.

Thyroxine is natural to the body and you can take it forever without untoward side effects.

I assume you are having routine thyroid function tests.
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Right there it is micro grams and have been taking them at the same time every day. Will monitor situation and let my GP know when speaking with him.
Other than the shakes and wheeze feel OK
I also have hypothyroidism and have taken Levo Thyroxine tablets daily for over nine years, although the thyroid was not removed. I have never had the symptoms you describe and agree with Sqad that it is unlikely to be the cause, but you should have a thyroid function blood test each year at least. It allows any fine adjustments of the dosage to be made. Mine came down from 150 mcg daily to 100 mcg per day plus 25 mcg on alternate days. As long as you're absolutely honest with your GP, it will have a much better outcome, I'm sure. Good luck.

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Shakes And Thyroxine

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