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Boots Advantage Card

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smurfchops | 15:11 Thu 08th Sep 2022 | Body & Soul
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I have lost my plastic Boots Advantage Card, I don’t want to get a digital online card. If I pick up a new plastic card in Boots how does it transfer my old points onto it?


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they may be able to do it for you? Just a guess, I haven't tried it.
Just scroll down to what to do if card is lost or stolen
...sounds like you had one of Boots' Disadvantage cards!
Go here:

Start by reading the bit under 'New card/replacement card queries", where it says 'What happens if my Boots Advantage Card is lost, stolen or damaged?'.

Then go to 'Linking my Boots Advantage Card to my online account'.

PS: Given that the prices in Boots stores are generally around 20% higher than in their High Street rivals, a better option might be to simply forget about using your Boots Advantage card altogether and to shop somewhere else!
^yes, I recommend "Savers" if there is one near you (owned by the same company as Superdrug, but lots cheaper).
Mrs sqad says:

Boots are very good, just pop into your local Boots and explain the situation.
While Savers is good, it doesn't carry a very wide range of products. I'd say Boots is comparable to Superdrug, the latter has better reductions. Or so it seems to me...I realise prices are often set by manufactures.
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Thanks all, I will pop in and get a new card, see what they can do about my points :)
When I lost mine the points were transferred to the replacement with no problems.
Boots we’re always handy for a £3 meal deal when I was at work but now I tend to use the supermarket to be honest.

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Boots Advantage Card

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