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Do You Question Spiritualism Often?

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nickmajor890 | 02:38 Sun 16th Oct 2022 | Body & Soul
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Do you question spiritualism because of God no matter what you're belief system truly is? IF so do you or do you not believe in ghosts, for ex., entities, poltergeists, spirits, demons, angels, etc., Nothing offensive and have respect towards opinions and beliefs. Also, means NOTHING OFFENSIVE in your answer box. Thanks!


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No. I accept human nature's need to 'look up' to something, but I don't share it.
I think it's a mistake to attribute something we don’t understand to 'spirituality' or to an imaginary God. I suspect there exists, somewhere out there, an explanation for 'ghosts' etc,, that doesn't involve the concept of the 'supernatural'. In my opinion, nothing is 'supernatural'.
Beliefs of any kind or measure are no more credible than the knowledge that informs them. I do not base my beliefs on the presumption of the existence of a god or anything else. Respect is the recognition and appreciation of that for which respect is warranted.
All part of TWWOTB.
It is human nature that when we don't understand something we make up stories.
I don't believe any of it.

If ghosts are real, how come they have clothes on?
For goodness sake speak English, TTT! How on earth is anyone supposed to know what that means? You're wasting your time posting it - and you're wasting ours by expecting us to decipher it.

Hopkirk: it's also human nature for someone to take those things that we don't understand and say "Follow me, I understand them, and can I have some money".
//If ghosts are real, how come they have clothes on?//

Casper doesn't.
-- answer removed --
Maybe you appear in the "afterlife" as you did at the moment of death. Most folks don't die naked so hospital pyjamas probably predominate.
If that's what you want to say, why not write it rather than expect other people to know what's going on in your head? It is really frustrating when you do that in the middle of a serious discussion - and it's not clever either. It's just silly.

Mod removes a post meaning several of the following posts make no sense - "ghost posts" you might say.
no - shown not to work.

the medium hunters did a lot to debunk spiritualism 1900-50
The ghost post from TTT
do you think it will come back again ( come calling as it needs to be heard?)
or can we conjure it up?

call X files ( + eeirie X files music doo-doo-do-do etc)
It works! it works!
I believe in Spiritualism !

now about my bank balance
One should question everything. Otherwise you stagnate with your present favourite faiths.

I don't dismiss the list you have out of hand, but it seems to me, given a spiritual realm exists and is the true reality, that spirit entities are probably all much the same "thing" and so groups of different types (as opposed to different levels of understanding) are probably unlikely.

You mention ghosts and the like. Maybe they exist, maybe they don't; but if they do there must be more than one explanation, as the ones speaking to a medium, or pushing a planchette, are unlikely to be the same as those visions of, say, a legion of Roman soldiers marching though some building a foot off the ground. Well, not unless they all meet up regularly and agree to yet another reenactment for the benefit of human witnesses each night.
derby royal was rebuilt - three floors to two
AND ghost see-ers said they cd see the legs sticking out of the ceiling as she haunted HER second floor - the nurse of Derby Royal tending her sheep etc
some of these threads get so lopped
they end up er lop-sided

yeah yeah it is like lopping the arms off venus de milo ( she da armless one in that museum in - - - somewhere)
and den an den
leaving the arms and taking away the torso

and I am sure SHE has something to say about it

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Do You Question Spiritualism Often?

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