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Acute Pulmonary Oedema In Man With Cardiac Problems And A Pacemaker

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jourdain2 | 17:06 Sat 22nd Apr 2023 | Body & Soul
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Is Sqad around, or does anyone know anything about this apart from 'it is serious'?

My dear bro-in-law (68) had arrhythmic attacks about 6 yrs. ago, ended up with a pacemaker. He had to give up work (car bodywork & the magnets in the paint shop affected him) so he 'retired' to run the house etc. & my sister runs the MOT garage.

It took a while but he's been pretty fit for the last couple of years. Early this week he had chest pains and shortness of breath so went to B.R.I.. After a couple of days on a trolley in A&E he was admitted to a ward, but almost immediately shunted out to Jimmy's at Leeds.

He's on morphia for the pain and they will operate on Monday to install a drain in his lungs, which are pretty full of fluid. Apparently he can then come home with a daily nurse coming to change the bag. Then at a future date they will 'see what they can do'.

All very, very stressful. I know things aren't good and his lungs have suffered from years of exposure to paint fumes - pleurisy has not been an uncommon visitor in the past.

Any knowledgeable comments and guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I have Oedema due to cardio vascular disease. Mainly in my lower legs but when I spent a month in hospital 18 months ago with a chronic bleed after a colonoscopy I swelled ip all over my torso and resembled Monsieur Michelin Man.I was already n on one Diuretic so they put me on two.I still have oedema in my legs but my body size diminished. Am still on bumetanide and Furrosomide but I still have a pulse at least . Only bother is constant run to pee for first five hours after rising. Mucks travel plans around a bit.:-)
Acute pulmonary oedema can be due to many causes, but heart conditions are by far the commonest.
It can be fatal but more commonly can be treated with drugs.

Not looking good for your BIL but not necessarily a big deal at the moment.

I assume that this is the diagnosis as a pleural effusion is not common withe APO but unusually can occur.
it would seem that after draining the chest, further investigations will be required to determine the cause of his pleural effusion which may have noting to do with his cardiac problems.

Difficult times for you all, but at this moment is a matter of "waiting and see".
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Thank you Retrocop and Sqad.

I find lack of information from hospitals hugely frustrating. I would rather know what is going on - my sister is the same.
E.G. When I rang BRI I was just told that he was ambulant and not in pain - very reassuring. Then my sister told me that he had complained of massive pain and he was on morphine. Good old morphine, but not exactly the same as what I was fobbed off with.
Interesting.....keep us informed jourdain.
Question Author
Of course, Sqad.

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Acute Pulmonary Oedema In Man With Cardiac Problems And A Pacemaker

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