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Why My Hands Cramped After Eating Spicy Food?

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Bionicle5 | 05:42 Thu 25th May 2023 | Body & Soul
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I made a cactus chicken soup that used half a cup of chipotle powder. It was terribly spicy eating. After several spoon fulls both my hands felt strange like they were cramping and found it difficult to move my fingers. My hands return to normal after several minutes.
The feeling is similar to when I went to sleep once and accidentally cut blood flow to my hand.

How does eating spicy food do that to my hands?


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I have no idea and cannot offer an explanation.
Your meal contained a high concentration of Capsicum which is in the chipotle powder.

If you had that had that reaction, but I cannot explain why.
Solution - don't eat very spicy food.
Maybe something spiked when you wrre adding the cactus.
Have you used the powder before? Or made the soup previously?
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First time using chipotle and making that type of soup.
Capsaicin is used (usually topically) to block neuropathic pain so I suppose it might have an effect on peripheral nerves if taken orally at a high enough dose.
never heard of cactus chicken soup. Was it sharp?
I'm guessing the Chile powder is far more concentrated than a half cup of chillies.

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Why My Hands Cramped After Eating Spicy Food?

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