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Insect 'Repellents'

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Khandro | 18:03 Sun 25th Jun 2023 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone found one that actually works please? I have tried various brands & it seems the insects haven't been informed that they are supposed to be repelled.


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Avon 'Skin so soft'
It was never intended to be an insect repellent, but by chance it does work as such
I’d go with what a jazz said, I’m never without it
I've never tried it ^^^ but have seen many rave comments about it.
It contains icaridin (similar to DEET !) and citronella which mozzies hate !
Deet has a distinctive smell, which not everyone likes. However it's an effective deterrent, especially if you buy it in a high-strength formulation. This, from Wilko, is 50% Deet (which is the same as the far more costly Jungle Formula Maximum), dirt cheap and with impressive reviews:
Garlic in my blood whether you like it or not, I tend to cook stuff not too much mind. But when in Malta everybody seemed to be bitten by mozzies etc. except me. and still today I rarely get bitten by parasites.

However you take it, pills (I'm not a Doctor) trust me it works for me.
Arksided. Folklore would have it that garlic was a repellent against werewolves, vampires and monsters. They carried it with them.
^^^ "A double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial of garlic as a mosquito repellant: a preliminary study" (Rajan, Hein, Porte & Wikel, Department of Pathology, University of Connecticut Health Center, 2005) concluded that "The data did not provide evidence of significant systemic mosquito repellence".

A 1994 Norwegian study suggested that garlic might make a person more attractive to vampires ;-)
During my misspent youth, spending my summer holidays Greek island hoping, I used to cover the exposed parts of my body in Nivea cream – it didn’t smell too bad and kept the mozzies away all night long.
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Skin so soft (thanks jazzgirl) I'll try
Moorea, Folklore would have it that garlic was a repellent against werewolves vampires and monsters

spot the Irony, :-) I were genuinely trying to be helpful

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Insect 'Repellents'

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