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Why Is Sexual Behaviour Such A Big Deal Here In The Land Of Old Folk?

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Atheist | 18:16 Tue 18th Jul 2023 | Body & Soul
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If some humans enjoy certain physical activities, why can't they be left to their own devices?


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Who’s complaining?
Question Author
Naomi; I hope no-one.
Why is any sane person worrying about some humans enjoying certain physical activities.
Question Author
Wiltsman; I hope that they aren't. But I fear that some do. I'm probably wrong.
If you aren't harming yourselves (otherwise society owes you a duty of care), and it is consensual and age appropriate (otherwise the coppers should be interested) then what you get up to is up to you.
I don't think old folk care that much ( given the provisos mentioned by OG ).

Sex is more an obsession of the religiously minded, young and old.
As long as no-one is 'frightening the horses' & people involved are adults it is no-on else's business.
So I can't answer your question otherwise.
Atheist what you get up to in your own mind is nothing to do with anyone else.
//Here In The Land Of Old Folk?//

Your ''here'' is France. You know, ooooh la la land, gay paree, Pig Alley,'la Folles, Moulin Rouge etc.
Since when has sex been a big deal across le manche?
Because even though it's 2023, the prurience that obsessed our Victorian forefathers has been passed down the generations, and remains in society, alive and well.
the prurience that obsessed our Victorian forefathers has been passed down the generations,

nope - intermittent - roaring twenties ( which were a boom time unti 1929) and then the liberated sixties
You recollect when the musician had a 12 y o girlfriend and no one batted an eyelid

even the fifties were more liberated and we collected victorianisms ( to laugh at,) such as covers for piano legs, no chicken breast ( white meat) and not hem hem legs ( dark meat)
women had no breasters (OAG please note) they had bazooooomz
nor legs ( limbs, lower limbs)

and we had to be reminded that the Georgian days were NOT like that AT ALL.

history and recollections are revised every generation

predeliction with sex here is by trolls ( defined as saying something outrageous in order to elicit angry responses)
There were nardy nardy sides to victorian life
'A man only joins the army in order to fornicate' - Lord Cardigan - yeah he of the half-a-league, half-a-league fame)

Stead (W.T. that is!) did time for buying a child, in order to show how easy it was. Authorities took a dim view ( 2 y in the slammer).

Barrack Towns acts ( doctors to go in and inspect certain houses and check for disease. ( no not the house))
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So what age do you think people should stop having sex, FoodRollIt?
Not sure what footwear has to do with it - maybe that's your kink
Because they are dirty little pervs who should be smacked on the legs.
Well,Jeremy Corbyn was sha...scre...sleeping with Diane Abbott.It takes all sorts,atheist.I wonder if both wore brown paper bags over their heads at the time?

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Why Is Sexual Behaviour Such A Big Deal Here In The Land Of Old Folk?

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