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Fracture (Boring)

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jennyjoan | 10:54 Sun 13th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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When I get up of a morning like right now - my back feels quite good - don't understand as time goes on the day - pain is bad.

Anybody tell me why that is. Ta


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Probably the bed has been supporting your back, you didn't move about much in bed and resting your back reduced pain and inflammation.
Being up and moving about has aggravated your back causing inflammation and pain
I have similar problem caused by Arthritis.
Do you take a pain reliever?
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no - no pain reliever - but I am going to new doctors on Friday and ask them do they have anything to help.
Hope so and maybe an appointment with physiotherapist.
Are you wearing the right shoes for what you do?
Heels will throw your posture off. If you are on your feet a lot you Need supportive shoes.

If working at a desk is your back getting enough support and again it's Posture and proper support.
( as someone with chronic back pain I have my regrets)

Are you getting even Simple stretches in on a regular basis?

Could it be that when you wake up you are relaxed and when you move during the day you stiffen in anticipation of pain?

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Fracture (Boring)

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