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Foot Problem

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DarceyK123 | 20:59 Sun 13th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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For the past few weeks my right foot has been giving me a lot of pain. It really hurts to walk when i first start off but seems to reduce in pain once i get going which is strange.

Been to docs who couldn't find any swelling of briusing but gave me some inflammatories but they dont seem to be helping.

Am going back to Docs in a few days time but any ideas in the meantime?


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Where abouts in the foot?
?? Plantar fascitis when the pain eases after starting to walk.
Question Author
Lankeela, it started off being underneath but now hurts more on the top.
Where exactly is the pain?
Is your foot painful when you are barefoot and on all your shoes, or just some?
Does your foot feel hot at the site of the pain?
Does it hurt when you are sitting or in bed?
Does it hurt more if you press it?
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Barry - the pain used to be underneath (the arch) but now is on the top. Its not hot.

It doesnt hurt when resting but does hurt when i press it.

Barefoot or any shoes it hurts.
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Just a quick update on my foot.

The doc said she thought it was plantar facitis as some of you suggested and gave me some exercises to do but sent me to get an xray just in case.

Well hospital now saying i have actually fractured my foot.
Wow no wonder it hurt. Re plantar fasciitis I had this and bought some raised insoles for my shoes and it has completely gone now.

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Foot Problem

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