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How Long Does A Mosquito Bite Keep Itching?

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ladybirder | 16:46 Wed 23rd Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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I've got three and the one at the side of my knee is driving me crazy. It is now a large red patch with the bite mark in the middle. It's kept me awake all night even using Aveeno anti-itch cream and Savlon Dual Action gel on them.


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Anthisan is superb. OH forgot to pack it for this holiday but I've not been bitten once. The mozzies have probably all died in this boiling heat.
17:12 Wed 23rd Aug 2023
Have you tried an antihistamine tablet? My son I law had to use them after mosquito bites and a lotion to dry them up. Hope it gives you some relief soon.
There's a product called 'After Bite'. It looks like a pen and you dab it on the bite. It's an antihistamine and works very well.
2 or r days should see it stop itching.
Odd combination of creams........not my choice.

1% hydrocortisone cream or any antihistamine cream ( Phenergan or Anthisan).
According to the internet they can itch for up to a week. Apparently mosquitos don't bite, they suck, and it's the spittle they leave that causes the itch.
Anthisan is superb. OH forgot to pack it for this holiday but I've not been bitten once. The mozzies have probably all died in this boiling heat.
A second vote for Anthisan. There are two large ponds here (one in the garden and one abutting the garden) and these are nothing more than mozzie nurseries.
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Thank you all. I'll see what else I've got.

Sqad the Aveeno is 1% hydrocortisone so I'll use it now again. It's past it's use by date but it's better than nothing. I think the itch is starting to fade slightly.
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OK I'll get someone to get me some Anthisan tomorrow.

I`ve been bitten so many times that I don't seem to react anymore. All I remember is that it itches for an awful lot longer if you scratch it than if you don't.
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237 I know it does and I try so hard not to scratch. But ...
I can't see anything on my bedroom walls or ceiling so where do they go when they've finished their sucking?
Tea Tree oil
//Male mosquitoes will live only 6 or 7 days on average, feeding primarily on plant nectar, and do not take blood meals.
Females with an adequate food supply can live up to 5 months or longer, with the average female life span being about 6 weeks. To nourish and develop her eggs, the female usually must take a blood meal in addition to plant nectar. She locates her victims by the carbon dioxide and other trace chemicals exhaled//

So stop breathing and avoid females,,
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My neighbour brought me a tube of Anthisan about an hour ago. I put some on my knee and the itching stopped immediately. Amazing stuff and thank you so much for recommending it. Such a relief.

1ozzy, thank you for your excellent post. Interesting to know the female Mozzie that sucked my blood could still be around for a few weeks more. My plants are not in my bedroom so I'm hoping if I shut the door on the plants when I go to bed then I'll be OK. We'll see.

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How Long Does A Mosquito Bite Keep Itching?

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