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Family Members Who Are In Denial About Their Hearing, How To Deal With It?

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Raidergal2022 | 13:47 Thu 24th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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Say you live with a family member who has been hard of hearing for years but they refuse to get a hearing test or aid.

They are in denial about their hearing and instead blame other for mumbling and not not speaking clearly. Many things have to be repeated to them which is fine short term but over a long period can honestly get annoying.

When out and about you realise that they are only partly hearing others conversations. They might meet an old friend on the street and you can tell that at times they really haven’t heard as the person will ask them a question and they will reply ‘oh’ and smile. They also get annoyed if you point this out to them and mention anything about their hearing.

Is there any effective way to deal with this, or is the best way really just to keep repeating everything for them?



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/r/ - presbus - old fella along with geras, gerontos.
old then, presbuteros, elder

yup NT and gives us presbyterian ( elde) rather than episkopos ( over seer)

but you all knew I was gonna say that, innit
Question Author
Peter I didn’t understand any of that
Question Author
I guess it felt like the text version of being deaf. I could see the text but couldn’t make out the content.
Raidergal - if you could award yourself BA you'd get it for your last comment.
Just keep repeating things clearly. I would say you are being very mean and only thinking of yourself. How do you think they feel?
Raidergirl, I don't think you are mean, I just think you may not understand.
Let me put it this way.
How many times have you spoken to someone who has a very different accent to your own?
You can hear what they are saying, but you can't understand what they are saying.
As my Mum got older, she was always asking people to repeat what they were saying and yet she always heard what I was saying because she told me once, always look at me when you are speaking so I can see your lips, and don't mumble, no problem.
Now I am the same. If my grandchildren are running about while they are telling me something, I've no idea what they are saying, Try this with your family member. Talk face-to-face with them at a reasonable pitch and speak clearly. You don't need to talk too slow or loud or over-exaggerate your mouth movements. If they still can't hear or understand you, it's possible you could be right about them needing an aid.

Question Author
That makes sense Barsal thanks. I am mean though haha. Yea I already find this I have to get her attention first before speaking as if I suddenly start speaking I have no chance. I will aim to ensure I have her full attention for longer though before she is looking at me thanks

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Family Members Who Are In Denial About Their Hearing, How To Deal With It?

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