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Morphine Patches

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Thisoldbird | 20:59 Sat 16th Sep 2023 | Body & Soul
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Hi, a close elderly relative has been prescribed Morphine patches for extreme pain. 

Prescription is 1 prr 7 dayd. She used the first patch yesterday and slept better than of late. 

She has dozed off and on all day. Says she feels drunk certainly sounds drunk slurring her words. 

Maybe Squad is around or anyone else with experience could advise if that is a normal reaction to the patches, please. 

I'm concerned she may fall if she is so 'drugged up'..

Thanks for reading 




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was she using morphine before and on a steady dose??

Question Author

No this is a new prescribed medication  for pain

I take it you mean 1 patch every 7 days. We did not have the patches when I was nursing but I would imagine these are usual reactions. Does she have someone in the house with her? Falls/trips might happen especially to the bathroom and on stairs. Towards the end of the week the side effects will probably lessen

im on these & i found i 'felt' them for the first few days, then i didnt feel much at all, to the point of thinking they werent working at all.
a lot of meds are like that though, until your system gets used to them.

I do have an issue with med resistance though, so i cant be sure.
im on 5mg - maybe her dose is higher?

if it doesnt change, she may need to be on a lower dose.


someone also said it matters whereabout you place them, so maybe try putting them as far away from her head as she can. i dont know if thats true but cant hurt to try i guess.

Indeed this is a common side effect of morphine in whatever manner it is administered and should be less of a problem as the week goes on.

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Thank you all..Still a little drowsy but, best of all less pain..



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Morphine Patches

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