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What Should I Do For My Oily Skin ?

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mimrahman | 10:01 Tue 19th Sep 2023 | Body & Soul
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My skin is so oily so that what can i do for this , I just want to know.



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it depends on what age you are

GP - in england or your local friendly Boots dept.

I wd use phisohex - BUT you are probably gonna say anyway

I just wanna know how you got an avatar on your first post ?  hmm.  

Maybe try some moisturiser 

Floko, the OP would have the email address she used to sign up already associated with her avatar.  You will see she is still a jellybaby unless you click on her username

Good point barry... its often a sign of a spammer but not allways so got to assume there not.... 

I've just banned three in the last 5 minutes, bob.

Sorry for diverting your thread, mimra.  I'm sure there will be no links to dodgy sites here

Barry thanks for the explanation 

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What Should I Do For My Oily Skin ?

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