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Back Pain In The Car?

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MonicaWeiss4 | 14:12 Fri 20th Oct 2023 | Body & Soul
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Lately I've been getting some nasty lower back pain when driving to and from work. Got a long drive to Edinburgh coming up and wondered what, if anything, people have found helpful either in the car or just when sitting for a long time? I can't be the only one! 



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Ouch doesn't sound good. Have u tried a cushion? Quick Google brought something up like this -

A rolled up towel or similar placed in the small of your back might help. I've done this from time to time.

Might a self heating pad help? This is one of the cheaper ones on offer. User Recommendationref=sr_1_5?keywords=heated+back+support&qid=1697809066&sr=8-5

 You could take a cushion with you, and if the pain comes on you could change the position of the car seat and its back rest. And you could take regular breaks to stretch your legs for five minutes.

I have a lower back problem (chronic and worsening).  A comfortable driving seat with lumbar support is my No. 1 requirement in a car.

Bit much to ask you to change the car with such short notice!

You can buy lumbar support 'cushions' which hang down the back of the car onto the seat.  Otherwise, as others have said, a small cushion helps a lot - I find that I have to have a largeish towel for a rolled towel to work.  Also 'Deep Heat' rub before you set off and to take with you.  Also take water and paracetamol in case of need.  

I did Devon & back from Yorkshire this year with no problem, but consider your back when changing your car.

I didn't realise the difference a change of car can make. I used to suffer back pain after a long car journey but no longer since I changed it. 
meanwhile use a cushion to support your back and have the seat back in an upright position. 

I get similar issues on a longer journey.  My solution, which works for me, is one Ibuprofen tab about an hour into the journey.  Kicks in within twenty minutes and does me for the remaining two hours comfortably.

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Back Pain In The Car?

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