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Online Bereavement Care

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bednobs | 19:08 Fri 27th Oct 2023 | Body & Soul
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is there such a service for someone not able to talk but type?



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Yes, it's called Griefchat - www.griefchat .co .uk (no spaces)

Sue Ryder has an online bereavemnt community but, just like AB, you're dependent upon people resonding to your posts (rather than, say, getting immediate support from a counsellor):

A direct link to go with Sinead's post:

Thank you Buenchico- I wasn't sure if this site allowed the links from other website to be posted.  

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i cant see from there how you access it?

They don't make it obvious, do they, Bednobs?

Working my way through that site though showed that the GriefChat service isn't available directly from there but only through one of their partners.  That took me to here

(Click at the bottom right to enter the chat facility but note that it only operates 0900-2100 on Mondays to Fridays. So, unless you're very quick, you'll have to wait until Monday to access it. Sorry!)

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Online Bereavement Care

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