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Diabetes Foot Problem

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Shadyxx | 15:00 Sun 29th Oct 2023 | Body & Soul
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Hi I need some advice. I'm type two diabetes, I got soft skin between my smallest toes and it hurts so much. I've been to see diabetic foot clinic and they keep telling me to use surgical spirit. I've been give cream too, but still hurts. I'm so scared that it'll get worse and eventually I'll lose my toes 😢is there any suggestions as to what I can do to get rid of this. It's white soft skin between my toes. Thanks 



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I meant to add : Nerve damage due to diabetes can also increase one's chances of developing foot complications including athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is a fungal infection that leads to itching, redness, and cracking. It can affect one or both feet and will likely require medications that eliminate the fungus causing the infection.

Make sure you have regular feet check ups with a diabetic practitioner as they can advise on neuropathy

No cream between the toes for diabetics, use medicated powder.


Retrocop, Tineafax and Tom Piper........... we obviously went to the same 'school'.  (lol)

have you tried er doing what they say?

Is it athletes' foot?  That's usually dry, scaly, itchy, red, cracked - not soft and white.

Go back to the GP 

you can get daktarin over the counter which is better.(*)

But honestly I think you should follow the advice of the ones who have seen your foot

(*) makers obviously did not know of the childrens series 1970s Daktari - with clarence the cross eyed lion and those two awful children

I think maybe a cotton ball wrapped in a little gauze inbetween toes. Sounds like the area isn't ever completely drying out. If you are retaining fluid in your toes, feet, legs? then the fluid sometimes finds a place to release through your skin. I would Recommend guaze. Please don't turn to talkum powder, or any bath powder. Perfumes would irritate the skin, and abrasion from powders is not what will help. Please try to find a way to keep the area between your toes completely dry, and exposed to open air.  Best wishes

Shadyxx says she has white soft skin between the toes .One of the main symptoms of Athlete's foot is itchy white skin between the toes   It can also cause sore and flaky patches on your feet. The skin can look red, may become cracked or bleed.

I hope she is now sorted ?

But Floko, wouldn't Athlete's Foot affect all of the toes? and cause itchy-er flakes of skin coming from soles of feet? 

One assumes the clinic knows what it is. If in doubt get a second opinion from your doctor.

hopefully shadyxx will let us know

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So I did see a doctor and they told me to put surgical spirit in between my toes. Looks a little better combined with surgical spirit and medical athletes foot powder spray. The swabs bought nothing back. Thank you all x

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Diabetes Foot Problem

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