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Why Do People Grow Intolerant With Age?

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alyxowl | 16:40 Fri 22nd Dec 2023 | Body & Soul
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Not to generalise but my parents have definitely very adverse to the world.  For example the weather is always 'awful', the tv channels are 'awful' and if there's more than a 2 minute wait on the phone to speak to someone then their service is 'awful'. 

I heard my dad grab a packet of crisps from the cupboard just now and heard him moan 'uhh bloody hell no f****** roast beef'. He walked back to the lounge with the second best bag of crisps and when I looked a minute later his face was still stuck in a despair grimicing mode with his teeth showing. It seemed to be all because he couldn't get his flavour. 

I believe if the world was perfect he would still be like this. 




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I have a theory that it's a mechanism for making us obnoxious so that our loved ones are not so upset when we finally pop our clogs.

maybe we get less tolerant of BS

Aches and pains; confusion in a world that is very different to what they grew up with; frustration at not being able to keep up with technology - even a TV remote can be too complicated; lack of autonomy and increasing dependency; money worries - no overtime to boost the income; frustration at not being able to do house and car maintenance, struggling to keep on top of the garden.

No real future to look forward to and plan for; maybe regret at missed opportunities over the years.

More funerals than weddings to attend, saying goodbye to friends and relatives.

The dreadful realisation that you no longer know anyone who knew you as a child.


You'll crack it one day 😃

I'm getting on and probably classed as intolerant but still wouldn't swear like that. I hate the f word, or is that me being intolerant?

Because we have had years of  being nice, polite and tolerant and we now have an excuse to be grumpy old folk and speak our minds!  It's fun!

i think people tend to become less inhibited with age and less concerned about what others think of them... so it brings out parts of their personality they made effort to disguise before


lots of people do not become more intolerant and some even become more relaxed and hippy-dippy, especially once they no longer need to work. others already have latent intolerance or ill temper that they have not worked to improve and so act more bitter and unpleasant 

then there is pain. most people experience pain more regularly as they age and regular constant pain can change a person quite significantly. 

I bet Alex's dad has always used the F word.

Thankfully old age doesn't make it compulsory 

Question Author

Gettingonabit - you have probably just been conditioned like many people to be disgusted at the word

On days that I have spent at home he mutters the f word all day. He lies on the sofa playing on his x-box until 1am and talks to himself, every other sentence is the f word. 

I use naughty words if I'm alone. Usually  muttered under my breath  but sometimes they escape!

"For example the weather is always 'awful', the tv channels are 'awful' and if there's more than a 2 minute wait on the phone to speak to someone then their service is 'awful'. "

Well in those respects, at least in the UK, they are more than likely to be right with the first two, and with the last they are right wherever they are. Keeping customers waiting more than two minutes to respond to a phone call is awful - extremely awful.

Question Author

New judge in my life a wait time of 2 minutes is very good, I'm often waiting over 20 mins. I've been through all the anger frustration stage, now I just expect the wait and find something else to do while waiting. 

/Ì  think people tend to become less inhibited with age and less concerned about what others think of them... so it brings out parts of their personality they made effort to disguise before/ 


You are so right Untitled!

"New judge in my life a wait time of 2 minutes is very good,..."

No it isn't. It's just about acceptable. Any more than that is poor and the delays you mention are utterly unacceptable.

What you really mean is that two minutes is extremely rare. It doesn't make it good.

You do see a lot of it dished out on AB nearly ever day. <:0(

I certainly have not been conditioned to hate the F word. I've never liked it and never will.  It seems acceptable language now and people use it every other word.  Television programs are just as bad. It's a pity people's language skills have become so inhibited.

You get lied to more as you age, to many cowboys for some reason think that they can pull the wool over your eyes. What I do get hacked off with is the sudden changes. Example I've lost count this year of how many times they've changed the format of the self service checkout, you can add cash machines and logging into your bank on line to that list also. I've also noticed this week that using contactless payment you have yet another job to do, PRESS red before you swipe or you will be giving to a charity in some shops. Its just a pain in the butt these constant changes. Amen.

Why? Something to do with being asked dumb questions online I suppose. 😒

Didnt realise you were so clever Douglas. Sorry

Why wouldn't one get intolerant in later life ?  One can only take so much of it, and couple that with the insanity of the woke and the PC brigade, and the way the powerful treat the public, and how politicians look after their own interest and gleefully dump idiotic legislation on the people while unfairly taxing them,  and bending over backwards to obey global elite groups to the detriment of their nations, while paying lip service to observing illegal immigrant invasions but actually doing B all about it, coupled with utter idiocy regarding who is and is not a woman, and whether Santa is a black disabled dude, and how scumbags can vandalise public property and get praised rather than gaoled for it, and how racists "taking the knee" is deemed ok, including all false claims of being owed anything, and rumours of doing away with cash, expecting folk to give fingerprints as if they were criminals in order to visit abroad, and "smart" tech crepe being foisted on us everywhere,  and Chinese labs releasing new deadly viruses while abusing citizens,  and maybe even committing genocide, while Russia invades it's neighbour, and Hamas tweaks the Israeli tail to their, and their people's detriment, and N. Korea subjects it's citizens to abominable treatment while treating their neighbours with disdain, and the TV "entertainment" is nowhere like as interesting as it once was, and one gets penalised if running an old car simply because garbage politicians have the power to puck on them, plus the sharing of personal data betwern databases and groups, much collected without explicit permission in order to manipulate, oppress, swindle folk and keep them in order,   ...   I think I'll give up there before I get even more deoressed about the diwnward spiral the human race is adopting. At least older folk won't have to put up with it much longer. Reincarnation better be B optional !

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Why Do People Grow Intolerant With Age?

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